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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lady Headed to Cannes to Start Lady Revolution

So I've been informed there's this actress/directress named Sheila Hart who got a short film into Cannes and is hoping with her trip there to "start a revolution" of propelling the entertainment industry to "include more women when it comes to directing and producing films."

Her film, Journey to Abaddon, is about a young woman in the Dark Ages named Willow who finds out her family is not really her family and goes on a quest to track down her actual familial roots. Hart sees the tale as an allegorical metaphor conveying the message that "every woman has a destiny purpose beyond what she can imagine. Every woman has the potential to join in the epic adventure to save the world."

Presumably, then, what we're meant to infer here is that making movies is an "epic adventure" through which every woman might "save the world." And Journey to Abaddon ought to be just the thing to either encourage more woman to embark upon the world saving epic adventure that is moviemaking or cause Hollywood to realize it's not hiring enough women to direct and/or produce movies. I'm not sure which.

Of course, you'd think Kathryn Bigelow winning the Oscar for Best Director in 2008 might have already gone much further toward getting this "revolution" underway than Journey to Abaddon ever will. And you might wonder just how underrepresented woman really are in the directing/producing game, considering the success not only of Bigelow but, oh, Penny Marshall, Penelope Spheeris, Sofia Coppola, Jane Campion, Betty Thomas, Nora Ephron, Nancy Meyers, Lake Bell, Sarah Polley, Mary Harron, Nicole Holofcener, Julie Delpy, Amy Heckerling, Julie Taymor, Catherine Hardwicke, Mira Nair and many other people without penises.

To be fair, there are only two films out of 18 in the main competition at Cannes this year directed by women. And I'm sure Journey to Abaddon is a fine piece of girl power cinema that will help even out the overall playing field for the ladies there.

But let's not get crazy with the revolution talk ... France is no place for that!

Pictured: Grace Fulton as Willow in Journey to Abaddon.

Friday, February 14, 2014


May all your ligament-ripping, neck-chawing dreams come true.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Porn Girl Claims No Knowledge of 'Boogie Nights'

During a recent conversation about the untimely death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, a young porn starlet who wishes to remain unidentified, upon being offered the opinion that Hoffman's best role was surely as Scotty in Boogie Nights, responded, "What's that?"

Asked whether she was kidding and informed that it was only the best movie about porn, and maybe about anything, ever made, the starlet stated, "Never heard of it. Did it come out in the '70s or something?"

Told that no, it did not come out in the '70s, but rather in 1997, the starlet replied, "Well I was two, how should I have heard of it?"

The starlet was then chided that her argument was invalid and advised that the person she was talking to had been two when Star Wars came out but he had most certainly heard of that long before her age, to which she countered, "All right, all right, I'll check it out sometime, jeez."

Ironically, the starlet later professed that her favorite Hoffman role was Brandt in The Big Lebowski,
which was released in 1998.